Moulded brick

At your request we are producing complex-shaped fashion clinker and facing brick of TM "Euroton". Guaranteed raw material quality, modern production lines, permanent quality control ensure longevity, solidity and aesthetics of TM "Euroton" fashion bricks. Facing bricks of TM "Euroton" perfectly fit for facade and inside decoration, simplifies erection of walls with different contours, rounded corners, complicated designs of windows, cornices, windowsills, false arches, pillars, fences, etc. 

Variety of colours, designs and sizes of fashion bricks by TM "Euroton" provide unlimited opportunities to realize your fantasies and wishes and to embody the architect’s visions in construction of new houses as well as in reconstruction of the old ones. 

Your house built of clinker and facing brick of TM "Euroton" is comfortable and safe for you and your family, as it perfectly balances out heat and moisture from the inside. Facing brick of TM "Euroton" is longeval, solid and almost completely maintenance-free. It does not lose its properties and aesthetics over the years. 
Variety: Facing Clinker
Type: VF-5 VF-10 VF-14 VF-29


A variety of forms

Makes it possible to perform complex masonry elements with smooth contours and angles

Opportunities for imagination

Designed to embody the most complex architectural and artistic and design ideas

The natural range of colors

Helps solve complex design tasks in the construction

Requires no maintenance

Does not require additional care, does not lose its properties over the years, beauty and attractiveness

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Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.